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We are proud to announce our 'Reach Out' campaign where we want to hear from you!

There is a chance for you to win €20 voucher for our website and all you have to do is send us your up-cycling ideas or products.

Please include any pictures or videos to show us your contribution to the environment! We are trying to steer the world away from fast fashion (see sustainability page) and create a circular economy.

Your up-cycling idea/product doesn't have to be just fashion, it can be anything! Some examples of things we have received and to help spark your ideas are: 

-A stack of old newspapers and fold them to create a biodegradable flower pot

-Turning a jumper into a new handbag

-Cutting and sewing T-shirts into new hats, scarves, ties or bags

We evaluate all of our entries and we will choose a monthly/bi-monthly winner. Please email your ideas/products, what have you, to our gmail -

We really look forward to hearing from you and best of luck!